Roof Doors

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The number one choice for both residential and commercial application

Dayliter Skylights unique roof door is a stylish and reliable means of entrance onto roof top patios, increasing the useable space of your home and bringing more light inside.

Great for both residential and commercial application, this exclusive
product is available in both acrylic and glass and is produced in three
standard sizes.

The vinyl curb mounted (VCM) thermally broken skylight is a factory
assembled unit consisting of an extruded vinyl base frame with all
corners fusion welded to ensure an effective watertight frame,
condensation gutter and weep holes.

Some of the benefits of this unique product include:

  • Opens to the Height of a Standard Door (80")
  • Cardinal LoE-366 Argon Gas Filled Tempered Safety Glass
    OR Dual/Triple Glazed Acrylic
  • Skylight U-Value of 2.75 (glass only)
  • EDPM Membrane Rain Skirt
  • Air, Water and Wind Load Resistance (glass only)
  • Distributed Load Test and Corner Weld Test (glass only)
  • Heavy Duty Pistons and Interior Latches

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