Commercial Skylights

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ATCM glass skylights are perfect for commercial application

Buildings that incorporate day-lighting through large windows or skylights
typically use 40% to 60% less electricity for lighting than conventional

As well as light, commercial skylights can provide ventilation and
roof access. Ventilating a building through a skylight opening releases the
hot air that naturally accumulates near the ceiling.

Installing commercial skylights can be the best thing you do for yourself, and for your employees.

For commercial applications, we recommend our unique aluminum thermally
broken curb mount skylight. Our ATCM model has been created to handle
larger sized units that are required for many commercial projects.

ATCM - Aluminum Thermally Broken Curb Mount Skylights:

  • Aluminum base frame
  • Unit attaches from the outside of the curb
  • No need to access the interior of the building
  • More structural to handle larger sizes, up to 8 x 8
  • Preferred and specified by many architects
  • Available in both glass and acrylic (*Glass units require a min 2:12"
    pitch roof slope)

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