Residential Skylights

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Bring the light into your home with Dayliter Skylights

Skylights provide excellent natural lighting that beautifies indoor spaces by providing warmth and brightness.

Natural lighting is healthy, energy efficient and can significantly reduce your peak electric consumption.

increasing its insulating power even more. And since FIBERGLAS® insulation will not settle, it will keep its energy-saving R-value over time.

Dayliter's VCM skylight is the most popular model used for residential application. The vinyl curb mounted, thermally broken skylight is a factory assembled unit consisting of an extruded vinyl base frame with all corners fusion welded to ensure an effective watertight frame, condensation gutter and weep holes.

VCM - Vinyl Curb Mount Skylights Include:

  • Vinyl base frame
  • Unique safety skirt to direct all moisture away from the curb (acrylic units only)
  • Unit attaches from the inside of the curb
  • Highest thermally efficient frame
  • Available in both glass and acrylic (*Glass units require a min 2:12" pitch roof slope)

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