SOPREMA Roof Underlayment


LASTOBOND roof underlayment membranes are often used on residential building roofs and under metallic siding materials to ensure waterproofing of high risk areas. SOPREMA has designed a complete line of self-adhesive waterproofing membranes offering unique performance. Click here for product flyer.


LASTOBOND 195 et 240

LASTOBOND 195 and 240 are entry-level membranes offered at competitive prices. They are made from SBS modified self-adhesive bitumen, a glass mat reinforcement and have a sanded surface. The LASTOBOND 195 membrane is 91 cm (36 in.) wide, and the LASTOBOND 240 membrane is 112 cm (45 in.) wide.



LASTOBOND SHIELD self-adhesive roof underlayment offers long service with its highly flexible and self-sealing formulation. The membrane surface is covered with a triple-layer of anti-slip, polyethylene woven complex for easy installation. The LASTOBOND SHIELD membrane is also offered in widths of 91 or 112 cm (36 or 45 in.)



Besides offering all the benefits of the LASTOBOND SHIELD membrane, LASTOBOND SHIELD HT resists temperatures as high as 110C (230F). LASTOBOND SHIELD HT is the perfect solution to ensure roof waterproofing under metal decks like those on a church roof, since its bituminous mass can resist the heat conducted by the metal.

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